Monday, 30 May 2011



Saturday, 28 May 2011


I bake buns, I've always baked buns, I always will bake buns.

These buns became Butterfly Buns.

PS  Fairy Cakes are allowed

Friday, 27 May 2011

Oh No!

He's back.

I think he's adopted us.

Oh well! He's eating wild bird seed and has access to water, so I don't see what else I can do for him. He can fly now, so I doubt that I would be able to catch him. I just hope the sparrow hawk doesn't come along.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Doctor's Diagnosis

Dr's. diagnosis - Shingles.
So, I wasn't assaulted by a laptop after all.
It was the rash which gave the game away.
        :-(         :-(          :-(   

Saturday, 14 May 2011


Well, I've learned my lesson - DO NOT sit for two hours with a lap top on your knee. Stupid thing to do, I know, but I was only supposed to be having a quick look, then  I got 'blog reading' and well, time just disappeared. I've damaged a leg. The last five days have been spent living on pain killers and having sleepless nights.Then 'Pidge' appeared.
A 'flown down' racing pigeon. I think that is the term used when a pigeon is too exhausted to fly anymore. Poor 'Pidge' was plodding around the garden unable to fly. It was very thin. I gave it wild bird seed and water. It fed and fed and fed and was very thirsty. Now what to do with it?
It had rings on it's legs and a phone number stamped on it's wing, but unfortunately that was no longer legible. I could just decipher enough to see that the pigeon was from Chester. I'm in Yorkshire, so not only had 'Pidge' a long way to go, but he also had to negotiate the Pennines. An out of condition pigeon couldn't fly all that way.
A friends husband keeps pigeons, I could get some advice, but where has their phone number gone. Looked everywhere, couldn't find it.
Internet? Not a lot of help.
'Pidge' spent two nights in our garage to keep it safe from predators and then this morning I found my friend's phone number.  :-)
Now, I'm happy to report that 'Pidge' has gone to be looked after by C.B. who has a very fine pigeon loft and he will report the bird has found to the appropriate organisation. C.B. identified him as a cock bird. I wish you well and good luck 'Mr. Pidge'. Thankyou to C.B. for taking a weight off my mind.
Now WHY did I forget to take a photo of 'Pidge'? Well I do have a pre-occupation with a poorly leg at the moment, so I'll blame my lapse on that.
The Laburnum has been rather spectacular this year, so here's a picture of that instead.

Can anyone tell me why 'The Old Grump' kept waving a banana at 'Pidge' and calling him an aardvark?

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


A parcel arrived yesterday and it has come all the way from Japan. What is inside? The excitment mounts.

An origami card, made especially for me. A Japanese Mother's Day card

A brown box with a beautiful bow.

What's inside?

Some classy stationery.

Look at this box!

Very pretty.

What's inside?

Thankyou  M. &  K.


Friday, 6 May 2011


 Who came for dinner?