Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Niddy Noddy and a Mission

 Jane, here are a couple of pictures of the Niddy Noddy..

It is used for winding skeins of yarn.

 The Mission.

We have a little visitor or maybe two or three or - - - - who knows how many.
Our little visitor is leaving a stash of food in our garage. We can see him/her/ them coming and going under the garage door, but we don't think that they live in the garage.
Is it a mouse or a vole?
It's there,under the bird table.

I think it is a vole.

What ever it is, it's very bold and rather cheeky, almost walking over my feet when I was cleaning the bird table.
Now I'm on a mission to get a good photograph so that I can identify him/her. If only it would stay still long enough for me to focus my eyes on it, let alone time to focus the camera. This may take a while.