Saturday, 22 January 2011


The "Old Grump" has been shopping. What did he buy?


Thursday, 20 January 2011

A Nice Day for a walk

Perfect walking weather today, so off we went for a walk around the local nature reserve. It was chilly, so Oliver wore his duffel coat :-

The Mere was still frozen over, even after the milder weather we have been having. It was littered with sticks and small tree branches :-

There were three squirrels running around in these trees, but they all managed to evade the camera lens :-

This little chap was more obliging though :-

Then it was time to go home for a rest :-

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Since the new year began, I've been in the land of  "can't be botheredness". I think my mood was caused by the dreary, gloomy, grey days, because this week the sun is shining and I feel much more energised. I wasn't totally inactive though, essential work still had to be done.
One job which had to be tackled, was Oliver's haircut. His coat was due for clipping at the beginning of December, but it was so cold that I decided to leave it. I didn't want my little man feeling cold. Then Christmas got in the way and this was the result :-

 So out came the clipping paraphernalia :-

Later that day:-

A respectable poodle had reappeared.
All be it a blurred one.
I can't keep blaming the camera, can I?