Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Since the new year began, I've been in the land of  "can't be botheredness". I think my mood was caused by the dreary, gloomy, grey days, because this week the sun is shining and I feel much more energised. I wasn't totally inactive though, essential work still had to be done.
One job which had to be tackled, was Oliver's haircut. His coat was due for clipping at the beginning of December, but it was so cold that I decided to leave it. I didn't want my little man feeling cold. Then Christmas got in the way and this was the result :-

 So out came the clipping paraphernalia :-

Later that day:-

A respectable poodle had reappeared.
All be it a blurred one.
I can't keep blaming the camera, can I?


  1. What an impressive skill to have. Oliver looks very smart. He must be a very well behaved boy to stand and allow the clippers and combs. My 2 are such drama queens, they look pained and traumatised with just gentle grooming and if I have to remove a knot, they run away afterwards and hide!

  2. No Kath, Ollie's not that good. He's a good wriggler until he realizes that I mean business. He won't let clippers anywhere near him so I have to do the whole job with scissors.