Saturday, 16 July 2011


Can you spot the theme?

After looking at all the sheep, Dizzy and I were very weary, so we decided it was time for some refreshment. It was also about this time when I had to make a hasty retreat and detour, because I realised I was in the line of sight of the BBC TV camera. I don't want to appear on that box in the corner of the living room.
So off we went to find somewhere to eat our picnic lunch. Where did we find?  Right next door to the pig pens.
"Do you mind eating with this pong, Mum," enquired Dizzy. "Not at all I replied, it gives me an appetite, I like country smells".

We ate our lunch whilst watching this lovely lady steal the judges heart.

She was a pig with attitude, no matter where her handler wanted her to go, she had other ideas. I hid my cheese sandwiches when she came our way, because I didn't want her to be distracted, she might have forgotten to show the judge her best side. I needn't have worried, because she went away with the red rosette.

Picnic over, we went to see who was in the pig pens.

Yes, all were weary pigs. It was siesta time.


Thursday, 14 July 2011


I've discovered that the  'Hare Woman' is a Sophie Ryder sculpture named 'Crawling'. It was brought from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for the show. Thankyou AJ for pointing me in the right direction.

Dizzy and I like sheep and their wool. If you don't like sheep, then look away now, because we didn't miss any of them.
The first sheep we came across were at the sheep show.
Not a very good picture, but it was a New Zealander entertaining us with dancing sheep.

 BELINDA just couldn't be bothered with 'All this nonsense'.

After the fun of the sheep show, we moved on and found the sheep avenue.

There were :-
Butch Sheep
                                                                Long eared sheep

                                                                Floor mop sheep

                                                                   Wavy wool

                                                                   Curly wool


                                                                    Black sheep
                                                                   Spotty sheep
                                                                 Orange sheep

                                                                     Badger sheep

                                                                     Curly horns.

                                                                   More curly horns

                                                         Biggest Horns

                                         Not a cuddly toy.  It's a real live sheep.

                                                           Here are her pals.

                             Alright I'll stop now, no more sheep pictures.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Day Out

'Dizzy Daughter' and I had a very enjoyable day out yesterday at the Great Yorkshire Show ( Agricultural).
Lots of photographs were taken, but  I won't put all 162 of them on here.
 First port of call for 'Dizzy' had to be the rabbits, so we headed off in their direction and on route came across this sculpture.
 I intended to do some research and find some info. about it, but haven't done so yet. I would like to call it rabbit number one, but I think it is a hare's head on a man's body.

Eventually we found the rabbits, but were not impressed by the loud duff, duff, duff sound coming from the fashion show which was next door. Poor little rabbits, I'm sure they wouldn't have liked that awful din, with their sensitive ears.

I think more rabbit pictures will eventually appear on Dizzy Daughter's blog, 'Ramblings of a disigoth', see my blog list.

 On the way to our next port of call we passed by the trade stands, because that is not what we had come to see. However, one stand beckoned to us both and so we made a slight detour and what a fortuitous decision that was. Dizzy Daughter asked a question about her drop spindle and ended up having a free spinning lesson from a master spinner. Lucky 'Dizzy'.
 Blue because I didn't ask permission to post their identities on here.
The drop spindle is a clue to who we wanted to see next and pictures of them will be on my next post.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


It couldn't be described as a 'bowling green', but I prefer it this way.

The Bees prefer it this way as well.

Monday, 4 July 2011


Ummmhh! Now what???

Friday, 1 July 2011


D- Could do better.
Doohie's imagination chip appears to have malfunctioned.