Tuesday, 5 July 2011


It couldn't be described as a 'bowling green', but I prefer it this way.

The Bees prefer it this way as well.


  1. You beat me to it. :)
    Only yesterday I dragged the mower out, whipped it into life and showed it to the patch where the lawn used to be!
    I thought, there is no lawn and since the dry weather there is also no moss!
    But there was, as you have shown, loads of other flora to make a carpet of colours. I'll blog about it later, I thought.
    Sad to say, after the mowing, all the colours had gone. :(
    I had to cut it; I hadn't done it for weeks. :o

  2. Bernard, if you have daisies they'll soon be back and then we can look forward to seeing your lawn flora as well.

  3. Hi Doohie
    Lovely lawn pictures, we don't get down low enough do we, (well in my case, I probably wouldn't get up again. lol)
    The pussies were after a fly.......
    The curtains are a thing of the past, I don't do curtains now, too tempting to climb and claw.

  4. Yes I like the informal lawn, alas Husband gets a bee in his bonnet about it looking "perfect". Its his baby so I leave him to it LOL
    That little purple plant (is it vetch?) takes me back to when I was little and our grass was full of it in our prefab garden :-)

  5. Briony, I loved that picture of the cats.

    Kath, I think the purple plant may be Self Heal.

  6. That clover reminded me of when I was a child and used to lay on the grass for hours searching for four and five leafed ones and we used to suck the nectar from the tips of the flower, too. x

  7. Hello Elizabeth, Yes I remember doing that too and making daisy chains. Where did the time go?

  8. Good old English daisies. I do miss them. So common to me as a child but now a thing of value.