Thursday, 14 July 2011


I've discovered that the  'Hare Woman' is a Sophie Ryder sculpture named 'Crawling'. It was brought from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for the show. Thankyou AJ for pointing me in the right direction.

Dizzy and I like sheep and their wool. If you don't like sheep, then look away now, because we didn't miss any of them.
The first sheep we came across were at the sheep show.
Not a very good picture, but it was a New Zealander entertaining us with dancing sheep.

 BELINDA just couldn't be bothered with 'All this nonsense'.

After the fun of the sheep show, we moved on and found the sheep avenue.

There were :-
Butch Sheep
                                                                Long eared sheep

                                                                Floor mop sheep

                                                                   Wavy wool

                                                                   Curly wool


                                                                    Black sheep
                                                                   Spotty sheep
                                                                 Orange sheep

                                                                     Badger sheep

                                                                     Curly horns.

                                                                   More curly horns

                                                         Biggest Horns

                                         Not a cuddly toy.  It's a real live sheep.

                                                           Here are her pals.

                             Alright I'll stop now, no more sheep pictures.


  1. Oh please keep going. I do love sheep but had no idea there were so many different kinds.

  2. Yep, fellow sheep lover here, too. Love the floor mop sheep - just looks like one of those old fashioned string mops mam used to squish about in a metal bucket! x

  3. Poor Tango sheep. Whoever bred him to be that orange colour?

  4. Oh, I love sheep (all animals actually)...they all look so beautifully groomed.
    Jane x

  5. Just as well you didn't count them and fall asleep, otherwise there would be no blog..... oh yawn am off to bed :)

  6. I still haven't downloaded my sheep pictures, I think it may take a while - I filled my memory card!!!

  7. Chris, I have lots more pictures, but ran out of steam processing them. Ramblings of a Disigoth may put some different ones on her blog.

    Elizabeth, Aren't they great. You could really polish your floors well with them.

    Hello AJ, Yes, they've really been tangoed. I think they dye them that colour to show them, but you can't get a straight answer about it.

    Jane, you should have seen the burly farmers pampering and preening their sheep. Talcum powder was flying everywhere.

    Heron's view, I felt a bit like that after shrinking all the pictures. I was counting sheep in my sleep.

    Dizzy, I definitely missed off the Texels and tall sheep and did I put on the blue faced ones? I look forward to seeing your pics.