Saturday, 16 July 2011


Can you spot the theme?

After looking at all the sheep, Dizzy and I were very weary, so we decided it was time for some refreshment. It was also about this time when I had to make a hasty retreat and detour, because I realised I was in the line of sight of the BBC TV camera. I don't want to appear on that box in the corner of the living room.
So off we went to find somewhere to eat our picnic lunch. Where did we find?  Right next door to the pig pens.
"Do you mind eating with this pong, Mum," enquired Dizzy. "Not at all I replied, it gives me an appetite, I like country smells".

We ate our lunch whilst watching this lovely lady steal the judges heart.

She was a pig with attitude, no matter where her handler wanted her to go, she had other ideas. I hid my cheese sandwiches when she came our way, because I didn't want her to be distracted, she might have forgotten to show the judge her best side. I needn't have worried, because she went away with the red rosette.

Picnic over, we went to see who was in the pig pens.

Yes, all were weary pigs. It was siesta time.



  1. It must be a great life to be a pig! :-)

  2. I do so like pigs; they are when allowed to roam freely in a field a very clean animal. For they set aside one part of the field as a toilet, sleep well away from it plus have another area in which to feed and because they are happy they breed twice a year.
    Unlike those who live in deep litter houses the vets bill for organic piggies is a lot lower too!

  3. Piggy #6 looks as though she is having a nice dream.
    An old work colleague had a pet pig (Wilbur!!). It was chosen to be a duck wrangler in a winter fair. Poor piggy was fired because he kept misbehaving.
    Jane x

  4. I do have a soft spot for pigs!
    The sheep interested me, for years I thought they were all a kind of off-white or black. Then my farmer friend took me to the Royal show a few years back and i discovered blueish ones and pinky ones and gingery ones...

  5. Have just realised that you have not posted lately, hope you are okay and look forward to your next post.

  6. I'm still around Briony, Thankyou for noticing that I haven't posted. I've just been very busy. All will be explained when I finally get around to posting. xxx