Thursday, 25 August 2011

A Whirlwind of Time.

They came, they went. Where did the time go?
My son and daughter in law, M & K, came all the way from Japan to stay with us for their summer holiday. They arrived on the 27th July and left again on the 22nd August. We knew that the time would fly and it did. It went by like a whirlwind, buffeting us from one place to another and then it was gone. Not a minute to spare and still we didn't get to all the places we intended to visit, nor did we see everyone we hoped to see. We all had a good time, but were sad that the holiday passed so quickly.
The inevitable tears as we waved them off at the airport and now the 'Old Grump' and I are left feeling a little dazed and wondering if it really happened, but we have the evidence to remind us that it did.
We have pictures:-

In the woods

By the sea

A scruffy Oliver came too

We walked on the North Yorks moors.

And we walked in York, but my photos have just decided not to work properly, so more of them will have to wait until tomorrow.


  1. It's a well known fact that time speeds up during holidays and weekends. Glad you enjoyed the time you had.
    Jane x
    PS Ollie is not scruffy....just casual!!

  2. My son just went back after a short but precious stay, it goes too quickly doesnt it?

  3. Jane, Thankyou, we did have a wonderful time.

    Kath, It certainly does go by too quickly. Every moment is precious.