Sunday, 12 February 2012

Who's That?

Who's that standing on the gate?

It's a pleasant pheasant.

Not very hungry, she didn't stay for long around the bird table even though there was seed on the floor.
I suspect she had been sharing breakfast with our neighbours' hens.
It was nice to see her. I hope she calls again soon.


  1. That's one of the good things about the colder weather, it does give you a chance to see some of the birds that usually shy away from houses.
    We have had a beautiful thrush visiting for biscuit and raisins, normally never seen around here.
    All the same I hope it soon goes as the soil is so hard and it's hopeless for the ground feeders.

  2. Glad she has found some food...poor things have it tough this time of year.
    Jane x

  3. They do have it tough and it is a great opportunity to see the shy ones as they get tempted by the food on offer. I have to keep my fingers crossed that our cats won't catch the birds I have to feed, but can't let them go hungry! So far, so good, no casualties.

  4. I have often wondered where all the females had gone?
    They must all be up in Yorkshire. :)
    In all the years I have been in this house I have only ever seen cock pheasants in the garden.
    A bit shy perhaps?