Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Grass Snake

Well, it has been a long time, but I still haven't got a better picture of the vole or perhaps I ought to say voles. However, I did get a decent, for my standards that is, picture of this -

Shame that it was dead.

Poor thing had been squashed on the road. Oh, I do wish we didn't have to have cars.

It was only a youngster.



  1. I saw what I thought was a snake while we were on holiday and I just wish I knew more about them because I didn't know what to look for so I could identify it definitly when I got home. It just seemed to be a lovely bronze colour to me. Don't remember any markings if it had any. I assume it was actually a slow worm.

    1. AJ, I've never seen a slow worm, but it sounds like that is what you saw.

  2. Poor thing. We have to keep an eye out for snakes and turtles crossing the roads in the summer.
    Jane x

    1. I wish we could teach them the highway code.

  3. I wish we had slower cars, and drivers with better eyesight!
    Either that or perhaps - faster grass snakes.
    It's flat Hedgehogs that upset me most.

    1. Poor hedgehogs, we don't see as many of them as we used to. I heard somewhere that they're learning to run, instead of curling up, when threatened with a motor vehicle.

  4. Poor snake, it's a shame but people seem so involved with their lives that wild life becomes nothing to them.
    We used to have all sorts of birds around where we live, Owls, swifts, swallows, house martings nesting in the eaves of the houses and loads of sparrows but now sadly they have all gone.
    We managed to entice some sparrows back and have seen blue tits and great tits but people around here complain about us feeding them saying it encourages the pigeons, you can't win.
    We actually had a letter from the council saying that a neighbour had complained but it got her nowhere thankfully.
    Sometimes I feel like giving up.
    The foxes come at night and come right into the garden so nobody sees them or I would probably get a letter about them also.
    As for the WII, we love it and you'd be surprised how it affects the different muscles that you had forgotten you had. lol

  5. Briony,I find it hard to undertand people who don't get pleasure from wildlife. I could sit for hours watching the birds at the birdfeeders and now we have the voles visiting as well, it's great.
    I think we may treat ourselves to a wii or kinect for the xbox. I do need to get fit.

  6. Hi Doohie,
    I've left you a wee comment on your Niddy Noddy post.