Tuesday, 8 January 2013

January Phenomenon

There's a strange thing happens at this time of year.
 It happens most years and almost exclusively in January.

This is it -

The jigsaw.

I finish one
then carefully pack it away.
Making sure to store the edge pieces separately. I don't want the tedious job of sorting them out the next time around.

Then I'll do another
This one is dated on the box -1983.

Then I store away the puzzle board, ready for next January.
Phenomenon over.



  1. Help! Is it phenomenon or phenomena?

    1. 'Phenom' seems to work when talking about sports 'stars'..why not jigsaws?
      Jane x

    2. 'Phenom' it is then. It's a jigsaw 'phenom'.

  2. What fun! I never thought of storing the edges seperately.
    I shall remember that. I got a lovely puzzle from my Mum at Christmas, I have to hide them from my husband once I start, or he will start popping pieces in as he goes by and I am one of those people who can't bear anyone else doing my puzzle :-D

    1. Especially if it's that elusive piece which you've been looking for for hours.

  3. Ooh! I havent done a jigsaw for years. I dont think I would have the patience to do a big one like that though. My granddaughter has some peppa pig ones, which could be the easier option for me!

    1. The trouble with the big ones is they do tend to get in the way and take a long time to finish.