Wednesday, 27 October 2010


What has happened to the keeping quality of cheese? I'm sure it used to last longer than one week. I was looking forward to a wensleydale cheese and apple chutney sandwich for lunch. I had to think again.

I'm not the only one to have noticed that cheese is not keeping very well, three other people have mentioned it to me. What are the 'creamery people' or the supermarkets, doing to it?


  1. The supermarkets are wrapping it all up in tight plastic wrappings - it retains moisture and causes the cheese to sweat I reckon. This would never happen if we bought it from proper grocers or 'Cheese Shops'.
    Hope you didn't throw it out! :(
    I still do what my Mother did during the War - scrape it off and have the rest toasted!
    Lovely hot cheese on toast with a splash of Worcestershire Sauce. :)

  2. Sorry Bernard, I'm afraid it went in the bin.