Saturday, 30 October 2010

Geriatric Rabbit

My daughter is away for the weekend, so Mortimer Bunny Fluff  has come to stay.

He used to come with his mate, Willow Bunny Fluff, but sadly she went over the 'Rainbow Bridge' earlier this year.

 Mortimer and willow were rescued bunnies and they came from the R.S.P.C.A. Since joining our family they have been very much loved bunnies and Willow is very sadly missed.

The pictures above were taken in 2005, when the bunnies used to scamper around the house.

Mortimer is now an old man who suffers from arthritis and I'm afraid he doesn't always make it to his litter tray. So now he has to stay in his pen, but with twice daily medication and constant cleaning of his pen, he is still a happy chap.

Mortimer Today.


  1. " old man who suffers from arthritis".
    Well I know how he feels......but I am pleased to say.....I can make it to my 'litter tray'. Just!

    I think they are lovely. I was down at my local garden centre only this afternoon looking at these poor sad rabbits wanting a home. I was tempted..
    ...but what would the cats make of that?

  2. Adorable! I used to work in a vets and rabbits were hugely popular with young folks working all day. They are easy to house train and quite playful.We had 2 when we were young, my Mum didnt like us bringing them inside because they would nibble electric cables behind the TV!

  3. Bernard - I think the cats might think, "Dinner".

    Kath - Yes, it is quite a task to make sure that all electric cables are well out of reach of bunnie teeth.