Saturday, 4 December 2010

Can't Keep Up

With the wild birds that is. Half a sack of seed has gone in one week. I think we will have to put them on rations.
I tried to take a picture of them, but they were disturbed by something and flew away. I'm thrilled to see that we are being visited by a couple of Tree Sparrows. They were plentiful when I was a little girl and now are a rare sight. I remember my Dad teaching me the difference between the House, Tree and Hedge (Dunnock) Sparrow, the lawn was full of all three of them eating the scraps we had put out.

Bad light, steam on the window, too cold to go out. All makes for a terrible photo :-)

The icicle has grown. 42 inches now. 

It isn't growing where anyone is likely to walk below it, but I wonder if  it is safe to leave it there?
Look how grey the sky is.


  1. Gosh! Is it still freezing where you are?
    It's raining down in this 'neck of the woods' I'm pleased to say. Well, not really pleased, but it's better than being cold.

  2. It has rained for a while here, Bernard. However we're now back to below freezing. I think -5 is forecast for tonight.

  3. I know what you mean, we are topping up every day and throwing extras down for the floor feeders. A load of grated cheese caused a near-riot yesterday LOL