Saturday, 11 December 2010


I love my varifocals, I don't know how I would manage without them. The pair I'm wearing now are so good that I forget I am wearing them, so I've put off changing them for as long as possible. Four weeks ago I decided the time had come. I'm having to use a magnifying glass to stitch, so off to the opticians I went. I've been to the same highstreet optician for years and never had any problems, but that optician has just been taken over by another big highstreet name. Oh dear! It may be just coincidence but things have not gone well.
The sight test and choosing of frames went smoothly enough, one pair of varifocals and one pair of varifocal sunglasses ordered. Two weeks later I went to collect them, tried them on, couldn't read with them. Dispensing optician was called, various things tried, measurements taken but to no avail, they had to go back for new lenses.
A week ago I got the call, glasses ready,but there was so much snow that I didn't get to go for them until yesterday.
Young woman goes into back of shop to get glasses, I was beginning to think she had got lost, where has she got to, is this a bad omen? Yes it was. They were better but I still couldn't see as clearly as I should through them. Young woman just sits looking at me with no comment. I suggested that perhaps I should try on the sunglasses. Couldn't read at all through them. Young woman says "It' probably, because of the tint". "What!" There's almost an argument in the shop, but I restrained myself. I suggest that the frames may just need a slight adjustment. Young woman says " Yes but I'm not trained to do that, you'll have to see the dispensing optician". Good, I thought, I may be getting somewhere. Young woman sits looking at me. "Well, aren't you going to get him?" "It's his day off." I didn't think that was good enough, there were eight members of staff milling about, but they only have one dispensing optician. Young woman sits looking at me. I pointed out to her that something had to be done, because the glasses weren't right for me. "Well, can you see the next print size up" she asked. My blood's beginning to boil by now. " I need to see the small print." Then she says, "You could see the optician". " Yes, I'll do that". Click, click, click on the key pad. "You can see him at 2.45 this afternoon". This was at 10.30am. I gave up. I've made an appointment to see the optician on Monday. Please, keep your fingers crossed for me.

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