Tuesday, 27 March 2012

How many weeds?

Gardening, gardening and more gardening

 and the house is in danger of being taken over by fairies.

Meet Flora

Flora's eyes aren't really crooked, it's the way she's sat.
I've managed to put a stop to the fairy invasion though. I've sent Flora off to live with someone else.



  1. I'm so glad you told us - that it's the way she was sat. :)
    I might have suggested, had I not been a gentleman, that you called the Fairy Isiah. :)
    I was actually expecting a knitted version of 'Little Weed', as with Bill & Ben. But I then remembered that you are far too young to remember these hero's from my early childhood. :)

  2. You have been busy. Flora looks as though she would be great fun at a party. A couple of G&T's and she'd be away! I love that pink hair, I wonder if I could get my white hair done that exact pink...

    1. I'm sure you could Elaine, then you would be the talk of the party. :-)

  3. I think Flora eloped with my housework fairy because I'm having to do housework myself!
    Jane x

    1. You've lost your housework fairy? Oh no! Well, if I see him, I'll tell him that you need him urgently. :-)

  4. There is definitely a weed fairy in our garden because as soon as my back is turned she waves her wand and up pop a few more!

  5. Yes, the weed fairy in my garden is very busy too and she never has a holiday.

  6. I think floras breasts are rather crooked too

  7. Hello!

    Sorry for not greeting you sooner... We've been a bit busy. Thank you for following us.

    Love Flora & now you've reminded me that we really do need to have a look at the garden... I'm sure I remember a very nice one somewhere under those weeds!

    Look forward to reading more about you soon.

    Kay :)

  8. Carrying on from your remark on the cost of sultanas make me think about how better off we'd be if we didn't feed foxes, cats, birds etc. My shopping list always starts with the animal feed and is up to about £15.00 before I begin on our own.
    Still, its' worth every penny to see the foxes each night and the various birds. I never tire of them.
    We don't smoke and drink only on the odd occasion so why worry..
    Maybe you could get some pictures of your birds, love to see them.

  9. Flora is beautiful!...Hope she enjoys her new home.