Friday, 13 April 2012

At the Back Door, Behind the Bench.

I found a note pushed through the letterbox, 'Parcel left at the back door, behind the bench'.
 Ooh! I wonder what it is?

The 'Old Grump' has been shopping at Amazon.

Looks exciting!

I was expecting more than that.

How much cardboard?

The 'Old Grump' trying not to laugh.
It won't be wasted though. I think that whoever packaged it new, that in a couple of weeks, the 'Hoppities' are coming to stay.

The 'Hoppities' will love this :-



  1. I had something similar to that - except it arrived by parcel carrier while I was out. There was nowhere to leave it, and so I ended up making a 70 mile round-trip to fetch it. It was a book. Small enough to fit through my letter box if they hadn't turned it into a monster by adding excess cardboard!

  2. What an unbelievable amount of cardboard just for one small item!
    Surely the cost of sending it would have been much more for that size?

  3. That's quite a lot of package for one very small item..!

  4. LOL we had an umbrella delivered with the same amount of cardboard! I was expecting a wardrobe at the very least!

  5. It seems crazy doesn't it? I think it's because small packages get lost more easily so the company will spend more on packaging which is cheaper than replacing a lost item.

  6. It's called 'standardisation' I believe.
    They have set 'Euro-size' boxes and they find the nearest size. That box is -'EU95612/cb/2big/x'