Tuesday, 13 September 2011

All in a Spin.

I've always wanted to have a go and now 'Dizzy Daughter' has made a wish come true. She treated me to a spinning lesson.

That's me spinning.

Dizzy had a lesson as well.

My results were, errmm, variable.

Washed and hung out to dry.

The 'Old Grump' held the hank for me whilst I wound a ball.

Knit a line, purl a line. I wish I'd used a bigger needle.

What on earth am I going to do with this?
Interesting texture!
Can you guess what the latest addition to my wish list is?


  1. Does it hurt your fingers as the wool passes through? I am allergic to wool... so it was very easy not to use it once I became vegan!Jane x

  2. My friend lives on a farm and keep rare breed sheep, which she spins and dyes their wool with natural dyes. I always have this image of the sheep standing there, while she teases the wool from its back straight to the spinning wheel LOL
    I can imagine it's very addictive. I had a try at the rural life museum here in Glasters, the ladies were spinning alpaca which was very soft.
    Glad you had such an enjoyable day and a new hobby by the sounds of it!

  3. I bought a spinning wheel and tried and tried to spin but the results were so awful that I decided that it was not for me and sold the wheel. Now reading your post I wish I still had it and I could try again. lol

  4. enjoy that first yarn as yoiu won't be able to get back to that texture again as you get better! Have 4 sheep; they produce wool afster than I can spin it!!

  5. Jane, No it doesn't hurt at all. It was very relaxing.

    Kath, That's a subject for a cartoon. I can see the expression on the poor sheep's face. :-)

    Briony, I'm itching to have another go, I didn't want to stop, but what am I going to do with all the strange yarn I produce? Maybe I'll have a go at weaving. :-)

    Lynda, Thankyou for your comment. I like your optimism - you think I'll get better. :-)