Monday, 5 September 2011


The North Yorkshire Moors.
My favourite place to visit.
Always different.
Always beautiful.

I had to include a sheep photo. It wouldn't be the moors without one.


  1. That is just gorgeous, I can almost see Cathy and Heathcliffe strolling along hand in hand...

  2. Great photo's Doohie they remind me of a song that has the line:
    'All around the blooming heather will you go lassie oh'

  3. Oh so lovely - we spent our honeymoon up in N Yorkshire - happy memories! Thanks for comment on my blog!
    blessings x

  4. All very beautiful.
    Is that where my Red Legged Partridge come from?

  5. Thankyou for all your comments. It may be all in the mind, but the heather seemed to be extra spectacular this year.

    Bernard,I don't know about the partridges, but I'll take the binoculars next time I go and see if I can spot any.

  6. Yorkshire is a wonderful area, not the least in the autumn. Sheep or no sheep :-)

  7. We get to July and all I can think of is the heather on the Yorkshire Moors. Glad you included the sheep.