Thursday, 22 September 2011

On a Roll

I bought this :-

Knitted it

A bit of crochet as well

Felted it
Attached handles
I'm on a roll, two unfinished projects completed  in one week.



  1. I've never tried felting. I don't really know what I'd do.
    Nice bag. But not my style.
    Just my colour though!

  2. Such talent and creativity -- not mention being industrious! I'm not sure I know what 'felting is.

  3. Hello AJ, No, I can't imagine walking down the street with the bag myself. It was fun to make though. Good for a young person I think.

    Jane, Thankyou. Now I've to tackle more unfinished projects.

    Chris. Felting - knit some wool (some wools work better than others).Wash it, along with an old towel on the hottest wash in the washing machine and hope it comes out ok. The bag was stuffed with a pillowcase in order to stop it felting to itself and then placed in another pillowcase before putting it in the machine.