Wednesday, 3 September 2014


It's been nearly a year since I last attempted posting anything and big breath, panic, I couldn't get in. No, it wouldn't let me in to my blog. Panic, panic, panic, big shout for the Old Grump and sorted. Well kind of sorted, because things have changed and now, once more I have to learn how to use blogger. So here I am, determined to get blogging again, but having to re-learn everything. It's lunchtime. I'm off for sustenance, but I'll be back.


  1. Hi *waves* I kept seeing your name pop up in my stats list....I waved but I wasn't sure if you knew it was me waving. Knew you were still alive, but thought you may be held captive by Blogger.Did you get the food parcels?
    Jane x

  2. Hello Jane, Waving back at you. The food parcels were very welcome, especially the chocolate. :o)