Wednesday, 3 September 2014


In fact it's been more like 18mths of one crisis after another, after another, after another. I've been so tired, dealing with things, that something had to give - NO TIME TO BLOG.
 I have been reading though and keeping in touch with all the goings on at my favourite blog sites.

The worst thing that happened this year was my mother having a massive operation and I do mean MASSIVE, but thankfully she seems to be coping well considering that she is 81 years old.
Hopefully things here are settling down a bit now (ooh, I hope that's not tempting fate) and I hope to get back to some sort of normality.

You really ought to see my garden, well perhaps not, I mean I'm always good at growing weeds for the giant weed competition, but this year I've really surpassed myself. I should have taken photos of them when they were at their best, you would have been impressed. 'Seven years seeding, seven years weeding' . I had better be on the ball next year or the garden will be a proper jungle.

Now my next job is to see if I can remember how to re-size photos.


  1. Grass is growing, lawn wants mowing,
    Edges shearing, rockery clearing.
    Time for sowing, all that hoeing,
    Seedlings feeding, borders weeding.
    Peas need sticking, fruit needs picking,
    Plants want staking, leaves want raking.
    Deadheads snipping, hedges clipping,
    Brambles chopping, branches lopping,
    Nettles hacking, bonfires stacking,
    Limbs are aching, back is breaking…
    Think I’ll sit…..a bit.

    Glad to hear you are overcoming some of the problems that life throws at us.
    Nice to hear from you. .... B..:-)

    1. Thanks for that Bernard. I think I'll have to copy it out and pin it on the wall.
      Good to hear from you too and I hope you had a good Birthday.:o)

  2. We've also had a CRAP year...we should form a club.
    Jane x

    1. The Positive Outlook Club - Things WILL get better.

  3. Crap year here, too. I spent all day in the hospital with 84 year old Daddio for his 14th hip revision in six months. This was a major deal where the entire part had to be replaced to the bone which is bad. Very bad. Even worse, we are out of money to pay for care and he was 12 more weeks now in bed. It's always something. I never even planted the first thing this year either and the yard has weeds as tall as I am in places. Things have to start looking up, right?

    1. I've been following your troubles Araignee. You qualify to be a member of the club. See above. :o)