Thursday, 18 November 2010

Loo Problems

It's been a quiet week here in "Doohieville", so far. Well, for "Doohie" that is. Not so for the "Old Grump". The cloakroom lavatory became inoperable, but with a piece of wire and a little ingenuity, the "Grump" fixed it. No sooner than that was fixed, the bathroom lavatory broke. Just a small part of the button which you press to flush, but of course you can't replace just a small part and your model is the one no-one has ever seen before. So a whole new flushing mechanism had to be purchased and fitted by the "Grump". Then  a light fitting exploded at "Dizzy Daughter's" house. New light fitting and new light switch required, guess who went to the rescue? Yes the "Old Grump" again. Poor "Old Grump", all this whilst battling multiple health problems and in constant pain with back trouble. I don't know what we would do without him.
I have found a strange phenomenon comes with blogging, it is called, "Wish I'd got a picture of that". Yes, I've found myself regretting not taking a photo of a broken toilet flusher. How sad is that? I think my camera is going to travel with me all the time from now on and I'd better by a bigger card for it. Then next time something breaks I'll be ready to get snapping. :-)

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