Friday, 12 November 2010

Oliver Is Not Impressed

Every Year, the same old dilemma, "To vaccinate or not to vaccinate". I hate having to take my little man for his vaccinations, I worry that they could  have an adverse effect on him. Every year I ask the same questions and get the same answers and I always take the vet's advice and let Ollie have his jab. He's never had a reaction to the vaccine before, but this year he was unwell for a couple of hours and I noticed that the vet had used a different brand. He was back to his normal self after having a sleep, but already I'm agonizing over whether to let him have them next year. I think I'll be very reluctant next time.


Oliver is usually very good when he visits the vet, but earlier this year he had an anal gland abscess (very painful). When we went for his vaccination, the vet wanted to check that everything had healed properly, which meant that Oliver had to have an embarrassing examination, which he would rather not speak about. Unfortunately, it hurt and Oliver turned into "Devil Dog".

The awful thing is he has to be checked out again in March. Oliver is not impressed.


  1. poor oliver~hope he is feeling better now.
    luckily my little flynt loves the vets but gets too wiggly to be examined properly~but he is only ten months old.
    my other dog billy, who lives with my mum, however has to be sedated for any treatment and muzzeled for examinations :O

    tatting~i have never heard of that except from my nan who was taught it by her granny who brought her up

  2. Thank's for your comment, Laoi. Ollie's back to his normal self, thank goodness. I'll post a picture of my tatted snowflakes, when I find them.