Friday, 5 November 2010

Memories of Bonfire Night.

Jacket potatoes wrapped in foil and cooked in the fire.
Pie and peas.
Yorkshire Parkin made by Grandma.
Bonfire toffee
Dad nearly burning the house down. Well not quite, but I think things nearly got out of hand. He had a load of old wood delivered from somewhere for the bonfire and some of it had grease or oil on it. It caused quite a blaze.  Mum was panicking because she thought the kitchen windows were going to crack. Small fires were starting up all over the garden, caused by flying sparks and I remember Dad running around with a bucket of water and a stirrup pump, putting them out.
Safer at an organized display, but not as much fun.

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  1. OOh we are having parkin down here in somerset!