Friday, 24 June 2011

Flying Thingumajig?

It flew into my kitchen and I have no idea what it was.

It just came to say "Hello" and "Look how beautiful I am".

Then it flew away again.



  1. It IS pretty, but in the first picture it really is looking at you very closely! It's probably wondering what you are.
    Jane x
    PS Word verification is 'dermoot'...perhaps it's a dermoot?

  2. We miss the beauty in everyday things when we are young, we are busy and rightly so.
    That is one of the blessings of being older, we take time to notice these things.
    How beautiful this fly is.
    I know it's not to everyone's taste but if you get down close to a slug even they are quite beautiful.
    Of course not everyone will agree with me. lol

  3. I think dermoot is a great name for it! it's lovely.

  4. Jane, I was probably the first human monster it had seen. Poor thing. Your name for it seems to be a winner. :)

    Briony, I agree, beauty can be found in unlikley places if we look hard enough. :)

    AJ. From now on, a 'Dermoot' it is. :)

  5. I am the odd one out in our family, in that I like "bugs", my favourite are shield bugs, who look like armoured vehicles :-D

  6. Kath, I like 'bugs' too, but put a house spider anywhere near me and I'll run for the hills. :o)