Saturday, 18 June 2011


Well, I picked 12oz of gooseberries and left the rest to ripen for another day.

 Look who came into the kitchen with them.

Is this the first of the sawfly caterpillars?
There was also this pretty little spider.

I put the spider back on the gooseberry bush, but not the caterpillar, I think he went as food for the birds, but I didn't wait to see. Guilty conscience.
The result of my labours:-

With custard, but if I'd had some ice cream that would be my prefered accompaniment to fruit crumble.


  1. The crumble looks delicious and I hope that you made a wish as you had the first spoonful ?

  2. Do people still call them 'goosgogs' or was that just my family?
    Jane x

  3. Heron's view, I didn't know I was supposed to make a wish.

    Yes Jane, they are still called 'goosgogs'.

  4. yum yum - but I don't think the spider would be very tasty...