Sunday, 12 June 2011

No, I don't do a lot of baking!

She says, "Where are my sultanas?"

I wonder what the supermarket thinks I do with all the sultanas and currants I buy every week.
At least five pairs of resident blackbirds and a few itinerant ones, two pairs of robins and a couple of starlings  enjoy my sultanas. For all my efforts the blackbirds don't seem to have had a successful brood yet, although the robins and starlings have faired better, they have brought youngsters along for a feed. I hope this lovely rain which we are enoying today helps to bring more worms to the surface for the blackbirds to eat. Oh no! now I feel bad, poor worms, I've wished them onto someone's menu.

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  1. Oh don't worry the earth has always enough worms the birds only take the surplus :)