Friday, 10 June 2011

The Root of the Problem.

Last week a  waterfall down the side of the garage created a paddling pool in the garden.
Blocked drain!  'Old grump' to the rescue.
An exploratory drain rod went down the drain pipe and hit a solid mass. Drain pipe had to be removed, but to no avail,  the blockage was in the drain.

It was well and truely blocked.
No amount of coaxing would remove the blockage, so an excavation had to be undertaken all the way to the soak away.

The drain had to be removed and that's when we found the 'root of the problem'.

The 'drain monster'.


  1. WOW!! Where have the roots come from? Did a neighbour's tree slowly topple over when you removed the monster?
    Jane x

  2. Hello Jane, Our Yew Tree was the culprit and lots of seeds which had germinated and tried to gow. Thankfully, the tree's still standing. :-)

  3. Drains can be a horror at times, that I know only to well from experience and an awful bind when they stop working. So many congratulations on doing a thorough job!

  4. Thankyou Heron's view. I was worried about what horror was going to appear out of the drain.